Cannon Bar Works Ltd.

Manufacturing High-Quality Saw Chain Guide Bars Since 1955

Cannon Chainsaw Bars


Cannon Chainsaw Bars range from narrow kerf pro-user to large nose bars for extreme cutting conditions to the professional falling and bucking bars, anywhere from 12″ to 84″.

Cannon Carver Bars


Our Cannon Carver Bars are all reinforced with a custom cobalt alloy tip providing even more endurance. Used for carving and fine detailing to log home building, ranging from 8″ to 20″.

Cannon Harvester Bars


The Cannon Harvester Bars come both in .404″ and 3/4″ pitch. These bars are used for mechanized log harvesting and processing. The lengths range from 17″ – 39″ (.404″, .080″) to 28″ – 55″ (3/4″, .122″).

Cannon Narrow Kerf Bars


The new Cannon SuperMini Bar is designed for use with narrow kerf and low profile chain.  The SuperMini allows you to run longer bars on smaller saws. Available from 12” to 32” in all common mounts. The small radius sprocket nose and narrow profile make the SuperMini ideal for log home construction and tree service work.

Cannon Bars are demanded by discriminating quality-conscious professionals.

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Cannon Chainsaw Milling Bars


Cannon SawMiller Bars are available in standard lengths from 44” to 84”. They feature a wide profile, precision ground grooves and superb materials to provide for the straightest possible cuts.  They can be used with almost all types of chainsaw mills or with double powerheads. Great for a two man team or portable mill operation.

Cannon Bundle Cutting Bars


Cannon PackagePro Bars are designed to provide exceptional durability and reparability for all types of bundle or package cutting machines. These are the bars that are used on L-M and HOLTEC style bundle or package cutting machines. They are available in .063″, .080″ and .122″ gauges with standard lengths of up to 96”.

Cannon Competition Bars


Cannon Competition Bars, our hotsaw, fat belly racing bars are made for chainsaw racing at the highest level. Coming in 16″, 20″, 25″ and 30″. These bars also accept low resistance roller nose sprockets.

Cannon Specialty Bars


Cannon specializes in making custom bars for almost any application including mounting bars for chainsaw driven accessories, extra-long double ended bars for milling or slab cutting, special bars for cutting unusual materials; we have even made bars for cutting underwater and for a veterinary dentist.