How to Use the New and Improved Cannon Bar Finder


We are very excited to launch our new and improved Bar Finder. This new bar finder includes a large majority of cutting applications that we manufacture bars for:

Chainsaw Carving Cannon Carver Bars – Dime, Quarter, Toonie, and Arbor Tip
Chainsaw Milling Cannon SawMiller (Double Ended), and Cannon SuperBar
Falling and Bucking Cannon SuperBar, DuraLite SuperBar, and Cannon SuperMini Bar
Fire Rescue, Competition, and Custom Bars Please Contact for More Information. info@cannonbar.com
Firewood Processors Cannon SuperBar and Cannon Harvester Bars
Mechanical Harvesters Cannon Harvester Bars (.404 and ¾ Pitch)
Package and Bundle Cutting  Cannon Package Bars – Contact for More Information
Tree Service Cannon Carver Bars, Cannon Pole Pruner Bars, Cannon SuperMini Bars, Cannon SuperBar, and Cannon DuraLite SuperBar

Check it out here!

How to Use

  1. Visit https://www.cannonbar.com/barfinder/
  2. Select the Relevant Application
  3. Select Make and Model of Saw 
  4. Select the Bar Length you Want
  5. Click “Search”
  6. Results will be Displayed Below the Drop Downs – All Gauge and Pitch Options Available will Display, Along with all Relevant Bar Types


While we hope all information and results are accurate, there is a large amount of data in the Bar Finder, please contact us at info@cannonbar.com if you see any discrepancies.