What you Need to Know Before Ordering a Chainsaw Bar

Before ordering a replacement chainsaw bar, you will need to know a few measurements and details, such as mount pattern, bar length, chain gauge, and chain pitch. 

Many chainsaw bars will have this information stamped or engraved into them, but in the case they do not, we have created a guide below to help you figure each out. 

How to Measure Chainsaw Bar Length

If you are looking to replace your current bar, and cannot tell what the length is, you can find the bar length by using a measuring tape or ruler and measuring the CUTTING length, which is the length from approximately 1” past the bar mount (towards the tip of the bar) to the very end of the bar. Once you get this measurement you can round it to the nearest whole number. 

There is one exception to measuring like this, and that is for the double-ended SawMiller Bars, as they are measured in overall length, instead of cutting length, see this post to learn more about milling bars: https://www.cannonbar.com/chainsaw-milling/

If you are looking to get a different length bar for your chainsaw, we have created a chainsaw power to bar length guide below to help you decide the best length:

CHAINSAW POWER in Cubic Centimeters.                        SUGGESTED BAR SIZE in Inches.

Less than 25 cc                                                                              10  to 12”

26  to  35 cc                                                                                     12  to 16”

36  to  45 cc                                                                                     14  to 20”

46  to  60 cc                                                                                     16  to 24”

60  to  75 cc                                                                                     18  to 28”

76  to  90 cc                                                                                     20  to 32”

91  to  100 cc                                                                                   24  to 36”

100  to 115 cc                                                                                  26  to 50”

More than 116 cc                                                                           28  to 84”

This power to bar length guide is to be used a general reference only.

Please check your owner’s manual or contact your saw manufacturer to determine the minimum and maximum lengths of bars that can be used on your specific saw.

Cannon Bar Works is not liable for saws damaged as a result of using inappropriately long or short bars.

With this guide, you can use our BAR FINDER (link) to find all of the lengths offered based on the chainsaw mount pattern. 

How to Measure Chain Gauge 

Gauge refers to the measurement of the chain’s drive link where it fits into a chainsaw bar groove. Various chainsaw chain gauges are .043”, .050”, .058”, and .063”. 

You can use a caliper, ruler, or measuring tape to measure the thickness of the portion of the drive link that goes into the groove of the bar, or to measure the width of the groove on your existing bar. 

While measuring the chain/bar gauge, please keep in mind that the chain will wear and become thinner over time, while a bar groove will wear and become wider over time. 

Unlike the chainsaw mount pattern and chain pitch, the gauge is not dependent on the chainsaw itself. As long as the gauge is available in the correct pitch, and both the gauge of your chosen chain and chosen bar match, you can use various chain gauges on one make of chainsaw.

How to Measure Chain Pitch

The pitch of the chain is the distance between drive links. This is determined by measuring the distance between any three consecutive drive links and dividing that number by two. You can find this by using a caliper, ruler, or measuring tape along with a calculator. Various pitch options for chainsaw bars are ¼”, .325”, ⅜”, and .404”. The drive sprocket, chain, and the bar tip must all be the same pitch. 

Mount Pattern

There are many different mount patterns available. These patterns depend on the size of bar studs and location of oiler ports on different chainsaws. In a previous post, we provided details on the different chainsaw mounts available with measurements: https://www.cannonbar.com/bar-mounts-and-adaptor-plates/

We also have a Bar Finder on our website that helps you find the correct mount pattern for your chainsaw: https://www.cannonbar.com/barfinder/

If you have any questions regarding bar length, gauge, pitch, or mount patterns please call us at 1-888-604-9990 or email info@cannonbar.com