Choosing the Best Cannon Bar for Chainsaw Milling

Chainsaw milling has become increasingly popular over the past few years. Whether it’s a desire to create beautiful live-edge furniture, mill lumber, or salvage trees, we have seen a growing demand for chainsaw bars specifically used for milling. One of the most common questions we get is “what bar do I need for chainsaw milling?”, so we have decided to break it down for you here. 

The Cannon SawMiller and the Cannon SuperBar are our two most common chainsaw bars for milling. The Cannon SawMiller Bar is a double-ended bar – which means there is a mount pattern on both ends of the bar. The Cannon SuperBar is a standard chainsaw bar with a mount pattern on one end and a replaceable sprocket tip on the other.

The Cannon SawMiller was designed specifically for chainsaw milling and offers the following benefits:  

-Wider belly which is better for chip clearance and cutting speed.

-Thicker bar, which results in less flex or bar “sag”. Because of the thickness, the Cannon SawMiller is only available for .063 gauge chain.

-It can be rotated from end-to-end, as well as from top-to-bottom to even out wear patterns.

-Comes in a “Universal” mount (G1 Mount), so the same bar will fit all medium-to-large Stihl, Husqvarna, and other chainsaws with specific adaptor plates or bushings. (see photo below)

See this article on our mount patterns.

-Provides the ability to use two chainsaws, or one chainsaw and a helper handle with roller on the other end (must have a sprocket or roller at both ends of the bar for the chain to go around).

-The helper handle with roller provides the ability to tension the chain at the end of the bar opposite to the chainsaw. 

-Bars come standard with auxiliary oiler holes for easy attachment and use of auxiliary oiler kits.

-Available in standard lengths of 44” all the way up to 96”. However, we can custom build longer bars in lengths up to 144”. 

Available Lengths:

Please note: The Cannon SawMiller bar is measured in overall length, so users should expect to lose approximately 15” of cut once attached to a mill and chainsaws.

44” – CDE-G1-44-63

50” – CDE-G1-50-63

56” – CDE-G1-56-63                  

66” – CDE-G1-66-63

72” – CDE-G1-72-63

84” – CDE-G1-84-63

96” – CDE-G1-96-63

Chainsaw Power to Bar Length Guide

Adaptor Plates

The Cannon SuperBar is another great option for milling and offers the following benefits:  

-Has a replaceable sprocket tip and does not require a second saw or helper handle. 

-Can also be used for cross-cutting.

-Available in various lengths up to 84”. The Cannon SuperBar is measured in cutting length, but users should expect to lose approximately 7.5” of cut from the bar length once a chainsaw mill is attached.

-Can have auxiliary oiler holes added/drilled into the bar. Please inquire with us about this if you are interested.

-Can have holes drilled to attach a helper handle without a roller. Please inquire with us about this if you are interested.

-Available for .050, .058, and .063 gauge chains.

-Available in mount patterns specific to Stihl, Husqvarna, or other makes and models of chainsaws.

See this article on our mount patterns.

Please use our Bar Finder to find the correct bar for your chainsaw. If you are interested in the Cannon SawMiller, then select “Double Ended Milling Bars for Slab Cutting” as the application. If you are interested in the Cannon SuperBar, please select “SuperBars for Professional & Heavy Duty Cutting” as the application. 

Other Things to Consider When Chainsaw Milling:

Chain – We recommend using a .063 gauge, 3/8” or .404” pitch ripping chain.

Mills – Great options are the Granberg Alaskan Mill, Logosol Big Mill, New England Pine, or the Panther Mill

Other things you will need – PPE, Wedges, and Chain Files, such as Granberg 12 Volt Sharpener or Oregon bench grinder.

Some great resources for milling tips: 


Granberg FAQ